Dutch Daily AD published this Christmas story about a modern day Virgin Mary looking for shelter in Tijuana, Mexico. Raquel (27) is from Honduras. She’s 8 months pregnant.

Raquel joined the refugee caravan with her El Salvadorian boyfriend Javier, who doesn’t leave her side at ‘El Barretal’ – the refugee shelter in Tijuana. After 2 months of traveling they found out about Raquel pregnancy. While having her first child Raquel suffered from preeclampsia and she’s worried about possible complications during delivery. Thus far, she’s only had one medical check up. We were grateful for being able to take her for a second examination and we found out that Raquel is carrying Javier Junior!

Beautiful article written by @karlijnvanh This assignment is part of a series. @algemeen_dagblad followed two more Virgin Mary’s who are looking for shelter, one in Jordan and one in South Sudan.