Finally it’s here! November 1 marks the publication of my first photo book, Ghost Republic Somaliland: democracy against all odds. This remarkable book is the result of my personal travels through Somaliland, a budding democracy within the failed state of Somalia. The publication celebrates the Somalilanders who have been building their nation in the wake of the horrors and atrocities of a dictatorship, and in spite of a complete lack of international recognition. For this project I collaborated with Somaliland newspaper Jamhuuriya, who published my photographs from December 10, 2010 through February 21, 2011. Alongside my photographs this first, limited deluxe edition of 80 hand numbered copies protected by an exclusive linen slipcover also holds the 21 original Jamhuuriya publications.


size: 11 x 17 inch
pages: 132 pages full color, including 21 Jamhuuriya pages
binding: hardcover in an exclusive linen slipcover
writer Carlijn Urlings, Smiling Coyote
designer SIM.ONE graphic design
printer: Lecturis BV


Books are being made at ProQu/Distelkamp binder in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.