The Republic of Somaliland celebrates its 20th anniversary of independence on May 18th 2011. Somaliland is not recognized as an independent state by the United Nations or any other international organization. Left in legal limbo it is a ghost republic, a pseudo state with no official claims to any title – a democracy against all odds.

My fascination with Somaliland started in 2009, when Fatma Ali, my Somaliland born friend and I traveled to this democratic enigma within what is essentially a failed state – Somalia. In the two years that followed, we documented the Somaliland people who are building the democratic institutions of governance in their unrecognized republic.

Today on their 20th anniversary we would like to share our project to raise awareness about this Ghost Republic.

Fatma and Chantal presenting their project in the Somaliland Newspaper ‘Jamhuuriya’.
Photo credit: Apollo Photo, Hargeisa